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Custom-built searches with the lowest fee and longest guarantee in the industry.

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Patrick Cahill

Patrick, the President of #twiceasnice Recruiting, has spent over 10 years advising search and staffing firms and has spoken 1-on-1 with over 2,500 HR leaders over the past 2 years.

#twiceasnice Recruiting has helped hundreds of employers across industries save millions in recruiting fees while getting top talent sources just for them.

#twiceasnice Recruiting Quick Facts

National reach. Local talent.

We focus all of our efforts on local talent unless you tell us to look further.

Lowest Fee

We offer the lowest recruiting fee in the industry - no one even tries to match it.  Hint: it's 9.9% 

Longest Guarantee

We stand behind our placements longer than any other recruiter with an 18-month guarantee.

Senior Recruiter on every search.

On average, our recruiters have over 15 years of experience and interview just for you.


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