About Us
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Recruiting is (finally) changing.

We entered recruiting from a completely different perspective – which is the source of our edge. Born from the lead generation and account management activities of beep! Directed, our tight-knit, growing team of 85 is forever obsessed on metrics and efficiency around direct placement recruiting. Meet the team here.


The required cutthroat efficiency of lead generation is how we’re able to provide the recruiting industry-best fee of 9.9% and twice the guarantee of the other firms. Let’s talk about how our efficiency will result in your most effective (and least expensive) recruiting.

#twiceasnice News / Milestones

  • 06.06.23 – #twiceasnice partnered with Red Door to host an insightful webinar on “How to Attract Better Candidates with Better Reviews.”
  • 02.16.23 – After serving client needs across North America, Europe, and Asia, #twiceasnice adds search capabilities for Africa and makes its first placement on the continent to support Saha’s mission to get the cleanest water to the hardest-to-reach people who need it most.
  • 01.05.23 – Happy 2023! Client #1,500 is a milestone and a great way to start the year.
  • 06.30.22 – 1,300 clients, 85 colleagues, and 1 mission: helping clients save money and hire better.
  • 12.05.21 – 1,000 clients. Humbled and excited about the number of employers that have turned to #twiceasnice for help.
  • 08.22.21 – #twiceasnice turns 4 and now has a team of 60 that’s served over 875 clients.
  • 06.22.21 – #twiceasnice signs client 800! And, it was from a client referral (yay)! The team is now 55 strong and growing.
  • 04.15.21 – #twiceasnice signs client 700! The team is now just over 50 strong.
  • 08.24.20 – Babson College announces alumni event featuring #twiceasnice team members Patrick Cahill & Olga Brik “How to get your next job to find you
  • 08.11.20 – #twiceasnice signs client 500! The team is now 50 strong.
  • 04.16.20 – Authority Magazine shares our perspective on “How To Identify And Retain Fantastic Talent”
  • 03.19.20 – Business Insider shares #twiceasnice advice on how job seekers can prepare/adjust their job searches during this pandemic
  • 03.11.20 – Business Insider shares our dissenting thoughts on the weight of LinkedIn profile headlines (hint: we don’t see them as critical)
  • 03.10.20 – Business Insider features #twiceasnice President, Patrick Cahill on mistakes candidates often make when working with recruiters
  • 03.06.20 – HR Morning publishes our thoughts on “The 3 reasons why those candidates “No-Showed” you!”
  • 01.22.20 – On the 22nd day of 2020, #twiceasnice signs it’s 400th client. The team is now over 40 strong.
  • 01.21.20 – Business Insider shares one of our tips on “How to Land on a Recruiter’s Radar for Your Dream Job”
  • 11.18.19 – RecruitingDaily publishes our article “Why You’re Paying 20% (or more!) for Recruiting”
  • 11.06.19 – Recruiter.com publishes our article “5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Next Recruiting Firm”
  • 10.31.19 – IdeaMensch shares a brief interview with #twiceasnice Founder, Patrick on the efficiency and value of ‘focus.’
  • 09.19.19 – The Native Society is kind enough to share a brief Q&A with #twiceasnice Founder, Patrick.
  • 08.22.19 – #twiceasnice turns 2 and signs client #309 to celebrate.
  • 03.21.19beep! Directed announces the sale of legacy service offering to focus all energy on #twiceasnice Recruiting.
  • 02.15.19 – #twiceasnice signs client 200! The team is now 30 strong.
  • 08.22.18 – #twiceasnice turns 1! The team celebrated early as the 100th client signed 2 weeks prior.
  • 08.22.17beep! Directed launches #twiceasnice Recruiting. ‘beep!‘ has served recruiting firms for years – #twiceasnice serves employers.