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Extreme efficiency brings with it absolute focus. We do one thing: direct placement recruiting in North America. Our clients get over twice the guarantee at less than half the fee as their current recruiters.


We’ve found success with our model whether we’re reaching out to Business Development Representatives for a startup or Senior Level IT Executives for the Fortune 250. Not sure if we’re a fit? Contact us to discuss. We invest heavily in every project we take on – and only get paid if we succeed – so we’re motivated to let you know if we’re not the right firm for your job.


Learn more about our process.


Highest total outreaches in one month for a single client. Resulting in 4,400 responses and 270 qualified calls with client.


Number of passive candidates in the United States our American team has the phone number (and email) for and can start calling today if they’re the right fit for your role.


Our contingency fee. Only pay it when you hire a candidate we find just for you. Savings brought to you by American efficiency, fine tuned over 6 years.