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Firms use #twiceasnice for permanent placement recruiting because of our speed, success, guarantee and almost-too-good-to-be-true pricing and contracting.


  • We will be faster than your current partner.
  • We will stand behind our work 2 times longer with a full guarantee.
  • And, we will be less than half the fee your pay now.


#twiceasnice has spent years building the most efficient  recruiting process that exists today. So efficient, your current recruiting firm may already outsource to us.


With this efficiency our 100% American recruiting team is able to deliver interested, qualified candidates faster and at the contingent recruiting industry’s lowest rate: 9.9%.


We do not have a database of unemployed or always-looking-for-what-is-next professionals. We custom-for-you build advertising programs and cold-contact candidates based on their current role to see if they can be sold on why your firm is the right career move.


Learn more about our process.

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#twiceasnice Recruiting Fee0

Source: Deutsch, Top Echelon, 2017.

95% of Firms Guarantee Their Placements 6 Months or Less

Only #twiceasnice Guarantees Placements for 18 months!

Source: Deutsch, Top Echelon, 2017.